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Get the Functionality of a Custom Web Solution at a Fraction of the Cost

Switch is founded on a simple idea – to offer a true professional web solution to businesses of all sizes, at a fraction of the cost for a custom site build.  Switch might be described as a semi-custom solution, marrying the convenience of templates with a wide array of customization options, unlimited flexibility, ease of updating, and true user support.  Switch combines mobile optimization and search engine responsiveness with a platform easy for users to update and visitors to navigate.

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Be Seen with Switch.

The most attractive and informative website is useless if it can’t be found.

95% of local web traffic originates from mobile devices. However, sites that are not mobile optimized are not displayed in searches on mobile devices. Switch is mobile-optimized and search-engine responsive to capitalize on the majority of local web traffic and boost search rankings.

An unattractive, poorly designed, or difficult-to-navigate site is useless even if it is found.

Once they’ve found your site, Switch helps you create a good first impression, with fast loading, easy navigation, and features usually found only on custom sites.  Switch presents a professional image to visitors, encouraging engagement and conversion.

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Change Your Mind?  Switch Your Site.

Change your site layout for a fresh new look.  Switch saves all content and images from your current layout to the appropriate places in the new layout.  Update your site quickly and easily with the built-in Switch layout and content editors as well as photo and video galleries.

Difficult, time-consuming updates and expensive site rebuilds are a thing of the past with Switch.


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Fast.  Cheap.  Good.  Choose all three.

Switch today and you can have a true professional website for a fraction of the cost of a custom site build, in a fraction of the time.  Most custom site builds take 3 months or longer to complete; your Switch site can be up and running with the same features in 2 weeks or less. 

Switch will help you create a truly effective business site for a nominal start-up fee and low monthly fee that covers domain hosting and unlimited support. Compare this to $15,000 or more for a custom site build.

Switch offers functionality and features of expensive custom-built sites with the mobile optimization and search-engine responsiveness lacking in free or low-cost platforms designed for blogs.  Switch gets you found, makes a good impression and helps engage and convert visitors to your site into leads and sales.

With Switch, you really can have it all.

Make the Switch – Put Your Website to Work for Your Business.

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